Mission Statement

Los Angeles Commercial Agency (LACA) is L.A.’s first commercial real estate team specializing in Off-Market Multifamily opportunities.

LACA is a team of driven entrepreneurs who use their expertise in commercial real estate to provide their clients with new profitable opportunities to expand their portfolios. Our unique business model allows principals to sell an asset without having to take it to market and go through the traditional exit process of selling their investments. LACA focuses on off-market and exchange-only multifamily opportunities in Los Angeles & The Bay area. We use our vast network and advanced resources to provide investments for our clients that they would not necessarily have access to.

About Our Team

The LACA team includes real estate agents, strategic marketers, and business people with one aim, finding and executing off market deals. Our fully licensed team is part of the Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate division.
We have years of experience in both residential, residential rentals and commercial real estate. Our extended network of property managers, management companies, commercial and residential agents, principals and acquisition directors are dedicated to finding and delivering off market value add Multifamily opportunities.