Which multi-family or commercial properties are you curious about?

Tell us about any properties that you are interested or curious about purchasing that is currently off market?

We will work on deliverability.

We report all findings to you with your choice of daily or weekly updates.
Everything is completely confidential. All requests stay between LACA and our requesting clientele.
Let us do the hard part of researching the owner, contact info, and speak to the powers that be. We will see where they stand on selling, for how much and if any financials can be delivered.
Our service is at no cost to you. We only ask that when deal is made that you keep us on as the Brokers of the deal and ask that all commissions be split between buyer and seller.
Let us know what you’re thinking. Have you had any unsuccessful deals in the past? Are you curious about if anything has sold or not? Or if you just want to reach out to anyone to see if they might be interested in selling their property.
We enjoy our job. We view this as the hunt and we are the lions. We are relentless and won’t stup until the job is done.